Lumdoo works with international designers to make a cool piece of jewelry out of a USB bracelet, which you can wear with pleasure and comfort every day.


Inventing new things is fun. Especially if they have a meaningfull purpose that makes sense for our lives. Meaningful innovative products are also patented by lumdoo and so guarantee a continuous development in the dynamic telecommunications market.


Experience what we mean by craftsmanship when we are talking about a product with the perfect fit as well as choice of materials. Every lumdoo USB Bracelet takes months of designing, testing and sorting out the perfect materials. We just love what we do to create and build a perfect product.

Family of creators

Innovations are based on creativity and a goof chunk of technology. We at LUMDOO are a family of creators that is determined to develop a case that you have not seen in the industry before.

Stronger together

We believe that working together as a team creates the best results. Our international team of designers and engineers give everything they have to provide you with the perfect product. That's why we provide you with the LUMDOO guarantee: If you ever feel a lack of fit with your LUMDOO case we will take back your case no matter how long you had it.

Founded by friends

A couple of years ago we came together and thought that any cases in the market is just like the other. So we sat down and decided to change that. We wanted to do something special, something meaningfull for the case market. After all it's about something that you hold on to more than a hundred times every day (surveys show an average person picks his phone about 150 times a day). We would love to see you enjoy our product.